Half price PWAN charges to power complete flexible connectivity

PWANs (Private Wide Area Networks, also known as IP VPNs), are big for business. Bringing together multiple sites - including remote workers - onto a single virtual private network is a big win in terms of data security, business continuity and operational efficiency.

Businesses across the country are continuing to adapt their practices to facilitate employees working from home and require a network that will allow them to connect with offices and servers from wherever they are. Our PWAN solutions give your business customers the confidence to know their connectivity is secure, reliable and flexible.

Kevin discusses the benefits of PWANs

Kevin McDonnell, Network Solution Sales Specialist, CityFibre, introduces PWANs (Private Wide Area Networks), which are available as part of the Wholesale product range.

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We collectively have over 40 years of experience in delivering PWAN solutions, from pre-sales, through to account management and sales support, and we will use our expertise to tailor the right solution for your business customers.

We are supporting our partners by offering a half price saving on our PWAN setup and monthly management fees for new orders placed before 31 January 2021.

With these new offers applied and based on a 50+ site PWAN solution, over the course of a three year contract, our partners could save up to £5K. Savings will differ based on the amount of sites included in the PWAN solution and the length of the agreed contract.

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Key Facts:

Half price PWAN setup fee.

Half price PWAN monthly management fee.

Available from now until the end of January 2021 on all new PWAN contracts.

The People Behind the PWANs

Lee Hill
Pre-Sales Technical Manager, CityFibre

"A comprehensive PWAN can fully support remote and home working which is critical in the current pandemic. It can enable full secure access to business critical systems across all departments regardless of location and with confidence in the security of the data. The partner can fully manage network performance, bandwidth utilisation and resiliency to ensure optimum efficiency and productivity."


Business Partners

Kevin McDonnell
Network Solution Sales Specialist, CityFibre

"As part of our PWAN service, we provide a network monitoring portal, which gives you clear real-time visibility in terms of the topology and utilisation and we've also built-in some unique diagnostic tools which have gone down extremely positively with our PWAN customers."

Karen Smith
Sales Support Executive, CityFibre

"We have strong and collaborative relationships with all our partners, providing a truly personalised service, and by efficiently working alongside our Sales and Pre-Sales team, we deliver innovative PWAN solutions to meet every business requirement."


City Champions & Original Launch Partners

Neil Aspin, Elaine Burns, Sharon Cooke, Marcus Farci and Richard Thomas
Regional Account Managers, CityFibre

"As your regional account managers, we work collaboratively alongside your sales support team of Karen Frost and Diana Rossiter and our aim is to be your closest ally in identifying and winning strong new business. This includes multi-site PWAN deals which are margin rich and represent a fantastic opportunity for customer retention."

Partner PWAN Success Story

"CityFibre don’t have a set, defined PWAN product they force upon you. They listen to what you are saying; to our needs and our customers’ needs and then between us we construct a solution. It’s a bespoke solution for each client. I think that sets CityFibre aside from other suppliers."

Mike Stephenson
Co-Founder, Calteq

What is a PWAN?

PWAN stands for Private Wide Area Network, but it can also be called a IP Virtual Network (IP VPN). It’s a fully bespoke network that can connect multiple sites and remote workers, deliver communications across a business efficiently and be a means of ensuring business continuity.

PWANs can comprise a number of connectivity technologies from broadband to leased lines and can also incorporate Internet breakout to connect users to the web. Tailored to your customer, PWANs are designed and built to meet the communication, security and cost requirements of the individual business.


PWANs can 'be tailored to suit any business requirement'

Paul North & John Igoe
Sales Managers - Regional and Business Partners, CityFibre

"All businesses are having to adapt to the changing situation in the workplace and many are now allowing employees to mix time in the office and working at home. At the same time, data consumption continues to grow and the use of real-time, high-bandwidth services is on the rise.

"Companies need connections that are flexible but can also cope with these increasing demands. PWANs can do that, as they can connect anyone, anywhere, and they can be tailored to suit any business requirement. We also have the ability to monitor connections at all sites via one easy-to-use management portal. This latest promotion will allow our partners to open new conversations with their customers and help generate long-term business."


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